Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ye Dosti Hum nahi ChoDenge

In news channel, media, newspaper we always see these two lovebirds together sharing their common ideas, their feelings for each other and also fighting for each other. We are not talking about Ash-Abhi or John-Bips but Amar-Amitabh.
Some of the snaps that i have got from various paper and online have been posted here to prove their "togetherness". Amar singh while chatting with India times writes this "My closeness with Amitabh Bachchan is an understatement". His 90 hour taped phone conversation revealed what a good hindi movie lacks today, sex, lies, politics, money, fame to name few. To conclude, here is in-depth interview of Amar singh by Malvika Sanghvi , and i like the last question and his answer

Malvika: Do you sleep well at night?
Amar: Absolutely well! If there is a big fight and a big controversy, it gives me bigger peace.

This is at Film Fare

This at Tirupati

Grandchilds bday

Jaya going Green in Envy !

Happy times, Ash's wedding

Sad times, Funeral of Teji Bachchan

Play Buddies ! Football Fever with Leicester Club

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