Sunday, May 17, 2009

Reason for Inequality in life-Non athetist view

I have been always perplexed about the "unfair" difference in quality of life amongst various individuals in this life from a non-atheist perspective . Inequality is magnified in some base facts like 25,000 people dying everyday out of hunger and on the other side decadency of rich and famous. Coming from a Hindu background, the prime reason for this has always been "explained" using the good old "karma" theory. Karma theory coupled with rebirth is one way to explain the vast variance in life we see. But the biggest problem with this theory is it indirectly proves that "God is Imperfect". The explanation for that is
1. A Perfect being is forgiving irrespective of your deeds.
2. God who employs "karma" cycle doesn't really forgive the individuals but keeps a "credit"/"debit" account and makes you accountable for your deeds rather than forgiving you.
3. Thus God who does this cannot be the Perfect being mentioned in point 1, hence he becomes Imperfect
So what is the explanation for this "inequality" assuming a non-atheist perspective. Here, i would use the good old "Systems Theory" approach learnt during my Electronics Engineering days. A systems "resilience" can be only proved when there is enough "noise" in the system, and its "output" doesn't vary much.
Given this background, i think the reason for God to have "discriminated" individuals who are in pathetic situations, in a mix with people with good quality of life is to find how good the system scales, can the system handle the "noise" (people with this real bad situation)? can the system overcome the noise, by helping them out? or do they just run away from the situation using "karma" theory ?